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Sunday, May 22, 2011



i wish i cannot hear...
so that i would not hear..
"parents argue with each other"
"the terrified screamed of people"
"people cursing to each other"

but then..
if i cannot hear..
i would not be able to hear...
the voice of people saying to me..
"i love u"
"u can do it"
"i trust u"
"its ok"
"i'll be here for u"

i wish..
i cannot see
so that i would not see..
"the violence in this world"
"people hitting each other"
"people being tortured"

but then..
if i cannot see..
i would not be able to see..
"the face of my mother and father"
"the face of my friends"
"the face of people who help me"
"the face of people who cares about me'
"the face of people smiling at me"

i wish..
i don't have a heart..
so that i would not able to feel..
"the pain of being heartbroken by people i love"
"the suffer of feeling vengeful to others who hurt me"
"the feeling of emptiness"
"feeling of lonely"

but then..
if i don't have a heart..
i would be able to feel
"feeling that makes me learn"
"feeling that makes me grow strong"

be careful on what u wish for..
or you will end up wishing..
you never make that wish..
it will hurt u more than it hurt others


  1. heyt, is it ur real wish?.. u wrote it by urself?... if yes, wao!,,awesome..ngeh2..

  2. well... i got the gift.. ngehehehehee....